Welcome to Maha!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Maha!”

  1. u left the most imp points….wats happening on admission process ? pune is a lovely city….atleast till u dont see it as crowded as it has become now……weather is excellent and there are hills nearby for treks and all…..and its a old city……so lots of things u will see which aredone in colonial style……..


  2. ShreyaYeah, but I didn’t quite like the place. So.DKUske baare mein likhenge detail mein. Thodi thand rakho. :-)Yes, the weather was good. The last two days it was sorta chilly and the local people were finding it too much to handle. Was funny how I was in only a shawl and people were shivering. :DSaw the hills duur se…time to tha hi nahi ja ke dekhne ka. So, lovely toh nahi, but the city was decent. People looked simple and nice. Not bad.


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