Five Days of Drama

19 thoughts on “Five Days of Drama”

  1. MF.Wonderful post and wonderful photos. Really enjoyed your thorough appraisal. And I do feel for you, I can very well imagine how frustrating the queues and waits would have been. My sympathies. Take care.


  2. It’s a very good post and it didn’t seem lengthy at all.:-)One’s first plane journey is always memorable.I don’t know how you clicked all those photos sitting inside the aircraft. They are so prominent. You really are a good photographer.


  3. i’m here after so long. read all the entries i’ve missed. updated myself, in a manner of speaking. very very nice photos. and god the director of symby sounds awful!


  4. WoodsmokeYF after a long long time. :-)Glad you liked the pictures and the post. And thanks for the sympathies. It really was frustrating. SinjiniIt’s good to know that you didn’t find it lengthy. :-)And that is so sweet of you. A little processing helped in making the pictures look good, but yes I had a great time clicking them. 🙂TaniaWhere have you been girl?You read ALL the entries? Wow! I can tell that you just got over with the mock exams. :DBut I’m glad to know that you did. And thanks for liking the pictures too. :-)The director WAS awful! 😐


  5. good post……nice pics…..there was no point in having fest at the time of admissions……shows how good our management school are :(but on a good note…atleast u were able to attend sessions of so many good speakers…….


  6. Oye…awesome snaps!!!Good to see you so happy…I am looking forward to my first flight this weekend (ok its not officially my first…). I just hope I can come back with snaps like this 🙂


  7. Oops…that was the jibe that I got from the post!I am off to Bombay…for an extended weekend. Would travel to a couple of places near Bombay!


  8. Vidya Shankar Aiyar is one of my favourites on television these days 🙂 He knows what he is talking about, has an immense presence and most of all, doesn’t look like he is copying someone. Good guy.


  9. AmiyaHaan, those statues did look nice. And I am glad my pictures came out well too.And I loved clicking from the plane as well. Glad you like it. 🙂


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