5 thoughts on “Moody’s”

  1. Hope you didn’t look down while climbing those steps!Nice pictures!:-)I don’t know all those technical things about taking photographs. So, what matters to me is that these pictures look good.


  2. DK hasnt clicked it yet cuz it somehow always escapes my attention…..i mean i always feel like yar centrally located hai kabhi bhi shoot kar lenge and once wehn i went there, i forgot my sd card 😦 so came back……..i have been waiting to shoot it for long time, maybe soon


  3. SinjiniThanks. :)No, thankfully, didn’t look down. πŸ™‚DKHmmm. Wohi story ho gayi ye to, dilli mein hain to kabhi bhi dekh lenge tourist spots. Jaldi se ja ke shoot karo. Pata nahi mujhe Pune ja ke time bhi milega ya nahi dekhne ka. πŸ˜›


  4. I remember spending a long fucking hot day at Jantar Mantar. Still have those shots. That time I didn’t have my digital camera.And hey, communication school ke students ke paas time hi time hota hai. Seriously.


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