The Wild Thing

After almost 2 years, I sat behind the wheel and boy was I scared or what! For about 5 seconds I went blank and I shall not accept that the sweat was because of any reason other than the sun. Anyway. Adjusted the mirrors, turned the key, pressed the clutch, put the car in gear, … Continue reading The Wild Thing

First Steps

The newness feels good. New colours feel fresh. The new display name sounds good in my head. The dp is a first in two years. New experience. Being away from the pressure to study is relaxing. The new photoblog is keeping me happy. Being back to my socializing self is goood. Choko La served me … Continue reading First Steps

Back To The Basics

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘religious’ as being devoted to a religion. And ‘spiritual’ as being religious among other things. Orkut gives you the option ‘spiritual, not religious’ in your profile. Apparently, I have been thinking. I do not have enough knowledge of my religion to even think that I could be religious if it means … Continue reading Back To The Basics