Rendition Time

June 1st, 2007. Another ordinary Friday for almost everybody. Significant day of my life – my first day at my first job. A few calls from a few close people last evening kinda brought that Big Day Tomorrow feel with them. I was jittery, excited, nervous, tense, anxious and there was a slight feeling of … Continue reading Rendition Time

Six months?!

I don’t know if I want to run away from things or am finally looking towards doing something sensible but I am looking forward to being busy with a lot of expectation. I don’t remember counting days like this since my 12th standard exams. But the way the last 6 months got spent just surprise … Continue reading Six months?!

A Complete Circle

Life in the last two days… Hail, rain, pictures, smiles, phone, sleep, ice-cream, mangoes, watermelons, new clothes, anniversary, haircut, Chinese food, movie, cute guy, metro, friends, music, dance, heat, radio, TV, gol gappas, shopping, beads, wind;Fatigue, frustration, tension, relief, laughter, enjoyment, joy, tears, excitement, contentment, disbelief, confusion, fear, peace. Life’s good. Continue reading A Complete Circle

Kid No More (?)

# I don’t get everything I want.# When I can’t sleep or get nightmares, I don’t have Ma sleeping next to me to hold on to.# Crying doesn’t lead to fulfilment of wishes.# Everything that I say is taken seriously. Even when I don’t want it to be so!# People expect. But I still am … Continue reading Kid No More (?)

(Not) Too Long!

More than 4 days! I don’t like this place at a slow pace. It’s almost like you not taking a bath and it irking YOU the most. Uh…not the best of analogies, that!Everybody is talking about college getting over. I’m talking about it too, but it has not yet sunken in. Classes are over but … Continue reading (Not) Too Long!