Monday Matters

5 thoughts on “Monday Matters”

  1. Oh ya, I remember the Rainbow phases 🙂 Those were good times.Ah, Fun Flips and Sprite. So that’s the reason behind the coke party invite han, you wanted to continue your partay week further? 🙂 By the way, my favourite is Hully Gully. It’s still for 5 bucks, from what I hear, but sadly I don’t find it anywhere.And a happy happy b’day to Shady 🙂


  2. AmiyaHaan, especially with free messaging. :-)Yep. But you didn’t play along. 😦 I don’t think I’ve ever tried Hully Gully. But didn’t the co-op guy keep those? Go and check sometime. I get a feeling that I saw that name in college a lot. Shady said thank you. 🙂ButterflyNow I know how old people feel when they hear kids talk. You don’t know what Fun Flips are. My god! I’m sorry I’m not being able to hide my emotions here. Have you ever had Crax? They’re something like that, but only much better. Read more about it here if you want. can’t believe Google doesn’t have anything more than a couple of blog posts on it by people my generation. 😦


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